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Discover how we gave this Brazilian furniture company a fresh start on eCommerce advertisements. With over 100 products, 100M+ Impressions, and 50,000 sales, we drove their company to over $1.25 million in revenue and only $250K in spend, taking into consideration that the company started from scratch. This was an accomplishment that allowed Madesa to expand their eCommerce team, with an amazing return on investment of about 500% ROAS.

What we've done

1. Amazon, Walmart & Wayfair Advertisements

2. Competitor analysis, segmented product grouping research on eCommerce, and consumer persona for targeted campaign types on Amazon.

3. Data visualization for actionable marketing data

4. Drive ROAS to a 4.86 average ~ 486%

5. Develop and organized strategy for keyword investment

6. Craft appropriate campaigns and ad groups to drive sales and scale products internationally

Madesa and Voosh Digital Agency Amazon Advertising Banner

We've got work to do

Madesa approached us with no Amazon, Walmart or Wayfair accounts created. We worked with an associate organization to help grow their Amazon store, where we took full ownership of driving 100% of advertisements to a revenue landmark the company located in Brazil had never reached. The strategy came in with scaling the advertisements with a very small monthly ad spend and grow it over time with proper allocation across the advertisements channel.

The reward is in the results

— Take their global product sales to the next level

— Fix global product recognition in countries where their product is not well established

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the product via display ads

— Provide a visual framework that will help the marketing team understand the go forward plan on sponsored and video ads

With over $1 Million in revenue, the company was able to establish the logical reasoning and data to create a full eCommerce team to drive the sales of international shipments outside of canada.


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